Warning Signs That It May Be Time to Try Couples Counseling

Updated: May 26, 2020

When you and your partner(s) first fell in love, the last thing you may have thought about is the day either of you would want to just shake the other. Literally! If you ask most people "what the best part of their relationship is?" They may respond and say the honeymoon phase. Im sure it goes without saying why this is everyone's favorite part of the relationship. However, once you begin to navigate through your relationship you may realize that you in order to have a happy, healthy and fulling relationship it will take work, compromise, trust and more.

If your relationship no longer feelings healthy it may be time to seek professional help before things reach a point of no return. Bumps in the road are expected to occur however, each relationship is different and may require a different set of tools and strategies to maneuver through the obstacles.

Here are five warning signs that it may be time for you and your partner(s) to reach out for help...


1. Healthy Communication Has Diminished

Healthy communication between partners is key in relationships. Once there are barriers in the communication between partners it could cause one or both partners to start experiencing feelings of hopelessness, anger and/or depression. As a result, one or both partners may not be able to rationally share thoughts, feelings and/or concerns with one another.

2. Trust Has Been Broken

While infidelity is not the only way for trust to be broken, it seems to be the most popular way partners break trust within their relationship. If an affair has occurred, this could make it very difficult for couples to bounce back into a routine that was once normal for them. The process to rebuild and repair the damage, could also be difficult, however, a relationship therapist can offer tools and strategies to rebuild trust.

3. Your Feelings Are Causing You To Behave In A Way That Does Not Serve You Or Your Relationship

When issues occur in relationships, partners may try to disguise them for as long as possible maybe to not cause tension. However, without processing those feelings, either partner may start to act out those feelings by being rude, causing arguments, showing resentment or hurt by lashing out etc. This type of behavior is unhealthy for both partners and serves as a major indicator that a therapist be need to get involved.

4. Breakups Seems To Be The Only Solution To The Problem.

You are right, a breakup may be the solution to the issues that are occurring in your relationship. Realistically, it just may not be a good match and breaking away from the negativity energy the relationship is bringing may be exactly what each partner needs. However, building a relationships with a therapist to help mediate the issues could prevent you from causing unnecessary distance in the relationship, which may inly result in bigger issues. Spending time away from each there may be healthy but you do not want it to lead to permanent space such as living separately.

5. Your Partner Has Become More Of Your Friend And Roommate

Everyone dreams of being best friends with their partner(s). This is the ultimate goal for most people and although building and maintaining a friendship is a very important part of a healthy relationship there is a such thing as being too friendly. If you and your partner(s) act more like roommates than romantic partners, this may indicate a lack of intimacy that is being overlooked. A therapist can help provide tools and strategies to increase the intimacy within the relationship.

Interested in exploring more about couples counseling for you and your partner(s), please visit our couples counseling page HERE!

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